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Shane Murnaghan is the inventor of the GRAVITY device.

Shane has 25 years experience of clinical practice, spinal issues, and the effects of pain. His extensive research and understanding is supplemented by his own practical knowledge as a multi-black belted ninjutsu bujinkan martial artist.

After being struck by a car, he was left with a broken back and suffering from chronic pain. Using his knowledge of the human body and how it moves, he created the GRAVITY system which he credits for his recovery.

He introduced the device to many of his patients and saw the same amazing results with a wide range of conditions.

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Útlum bolestí masivní eliminací tzv. trigger pointů kolem horní i dolní části páteře naráz a obnova správného držení těla. 100% přirozená cesta, bez léků, mastí nebo chemie....


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